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I've made some brand new awards for you to apply for, so have fun. I made all the award graphics myself. The background on this page was made especially for me by my Fiance Chris.

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I've been on the internet since 1995, and I've been making webpages since 1997, so I would say i'm a very good judge of websites, so I will judge your site fairly. If you don't win an award I will probably email you and tell you why, if not don't be disappointed, make some adjustments to your site and try again.

If you do win I will email you with the award(s) you won or if you can't recieve attachments i'll give you the url of where to pick your award(s) up. I usually send out awards within 2 weeks, if I never reply please apply again because somehow your email got lost or deleted accidently. If you want apply for more than one award please say so in the comments section and which award(s) you would like, Please remember you can have a limit of 3 awards from me.

General requirements for all awards
1.  No more than 5 broken links or images.
2.  Not a load of javascript, Javascript games, buttons etc are fine but I don't want to see more than 2 alert/message boxes popping up in my face. No javascript marquees, I hate those.
3.  I don't want to wait an hour for a page to load because of large images or tons of banners, Any images over 40k shouldn't be on the main page, unless it's a really awesome picture that is worth it (and I will be the judge of whether it's awesome enough to merit the size). 4.  Frames are ok, if neatly done, but do NOT overload your site with frames, and there should be a no frames option and a break out of frames option.
5.  Must be a Sailor Moon related site.
6.  Must link back to my website if you recieve an award.
7.  You can't apply for more than 3 of my awards.
8.  Signing my guestbook would be nice. (Hint Hint)
9.  Too many mispellings is a definate no-no (a few here and there I can understand, but when every other word is mispelled it's really annoying).
10. If you don't have REAL thumbnails or text links to graphics in your galleries you greatly cut down in your chances.

Sailor Pooh's Great Start Award
Great Start Requirements

1.  Must have at least 5 pages.
2.  Must have good loading time and graphics.

Sailor Pooh's Great Work Award
Great Work Requirements

1.  Must have at least 15 images in the gallery(s).
2.  Must have nice graphics.
3.  Must have some interesting or fun content.

Sailor Pooh's Kawaii Kuteness Award
Kawaii Kuteness Requirements

1.  Must have a Rini, Hotaru, Chibi Chibi or Diana related website.
2.  Must have at least 10 images in the gallery.

Sailor Pooh's Eternal Love Award
Eternal Love Requirements

1.  Must be a site dedicated to Serena and Darian, or any Sailor Moon Romance.
2.  Must have at least 20 images in gallery.

Sailor Pooh's Senshi Excellence Award
Senshi Excellence Requirements

1.  Must be a site related to all the Sailor Senshi.
2.  Must have beautiful graphics.
3.  Must have profiles of all the inner and outer senshi.

Sailor Pooh's Kawaii Evil Award
Kawaii Evil Requirements

1.  Must be a Amazon Quartet or Sailor Iron Mouse site.

Sailor Pooh's Dedicated Award
Dedicated Requirements

1.  Must be a site dedicated to a specific character from Sailor Moon.
2.  Must have at least 20 images in gallery.

Sailor Pooh's Cosmic Club Award
Cosmic Club Requirements

1.  Must be a Sailor Moon Club website.

Sailor Pooh's Creative Moonie Award
Creative Moonie Requirements

1.  Must have free web graphics.

Sailor Pooh's Fan Fiction Award
Fan Fiction Requirements

1.  Must be a Sailor Moon fan fiction oriented website.

Sailor Pooh's Moonie Excellence Award
Moonie Excellence Requirements

1.  Must be a complete Sailor Moon site (no half completed sites need apply).
2.  Must have at least 50 images in the image gallery(s).
3.  Must have excellent layout, design, and graphics.
4.  Must have 2 or more activities to do (Javascript games, web graphics, sound files, quizes, downloads, etc).

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