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Thank you everyone for the awards, I appreciate them all!
If you feel I deserve an award or awards, please feel free to Email me with your award :) I always accept awards, any and all. Older awards are at Page 2 of Awards. My most recent won awards are at the bottom of this page.
I won some awards from TOSMAA and they are on a seperate page cause they are quite big and I didn't want it to lag the loading of the page Click Here

Award recieved February 28th 2000

Award recieved February 29th 2000

Award recieved March 9th 2000

Senshi's Award of Excellence
Senshi's Award of Excellence
presented to:
Lita and Rene's Silver Palace
Award recieved March 10th 2000

Award recieved March 14th 2000

Award recieved March 15th 2000

Award recieved June 7th 2000

Award recieved June 14th 2000

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