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Names: Rene, Chibi-Usa, Small Lady, Black Lady, Sailor Chibi Moon and Super Sailor Chibi Moon
Birthdate: June 30
Sign: Cancer
Blood Type: O
Fave Colors: Red and pink
Fave Food: Pudding
Least Fave Food: Carrots
Fave School Subject: Drawing
Least Fave School Subject: Japanese literature
Dream: To become a lady like her mother
Hates: Being alone
Good at: Getting people to give her things,
Getting what she wants

Luna P henge: She says this while bouncing Luna-P to make Luna-P transform into some other object
Luna-P magic
Moon prism power, make up: Transforms her into Sailor Chibi Moon.
First appeared in Sailor Moon S
Moon crisis, make up: Transforms her into Super Sailor Chibi Moon
Pink Sugar Heart Attack: This is Sailor Chibi Moon's attack using the rod.
First appeared in Sailor Moon S
Twinkle yell: This is Super Sailor Chibi Moon's attack.
First appeared in SailorMoon Supers

First off I have to say, Rene is just about the cutest little girl i've seen!!!! Infact, she's so cute and I like her so much, Chris and me hope we have a little girl like her someday. I know there are a lot of Rene haters out there but come on, lay off the cute little girl. I know she is misunderstood a lot and some people think she's a brat but honestly thats one of the things I find cute about her.

A much known fact about Rene is that she is Hotaru's only friend, and she has a very kind and caring heart although sometimes she can be a brat.

I like her both in manga and anime but I think she's much more cute in anime. Not to mention she has cute Diana to go with it all!! I love Diana too she is an adorable kitty. I have always loved Rene in Sailor Moon, i've always thought she was adorable and a great character.

I think there are a lot of similiar things in her and Serena, they both cry and whine and throw fits sometimes when they don't get what they want, but hey like mother like daughter right? Anyway I look at it, Rene is the cutest most fun little girl ever to come to Anime