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Names: Lita, Sailor Jupiter, Kino Makoto, and Super Sailor Jupiter
Birthdate: December 5
Sign: Saggitarius
Blood Type: O
Fave Colors: Green and Pink
Fave Food: Cherry Pie
Least Fave Food: None
Fave School Subject: Home Economics
Least Fave School Subject: Physics
Dreams: To be a wife
Hates: Airplanes
Good at: Cooking, Fighting

Jupiter power make up: Transforms her into Sailor Jupiter
Jupiter star power make up: Transforms her into Sailor Jupiter in Sailor Moon R
Jupiter crystal power, make up: Transforms her into Super Sailor Jupiter.
This first appeared in Sailor Moon Supers
Supreme thunder
Supreme thunder dragon
Sparkling wide pressure
Jupiter oak evolution

Every since I saw Sailor Moon I always loved Sailor Jupiter, she's tough but nice and always is there for her friends.

I always thought she was a lot like me, we both have brown hair and green eyes and long legs, we're both tall too. Although i do look a lot different than her other than those few features.

I like Lita in both Manga and Anime but she's so gorgous in Manga most of the time. She sometimes is a little guy crazy but she always has good intentions.

Lita is the coolest Sailor Scout in my opinion. She has kickass powers and transformation and always has an attitude, I like that about her. Even though she has an bad attitude sometimes she has a nicer side, and she's a very good fighter.

All around, Sailor Jupiter is the most elegant and graceful scout, and she'll always be my favorite.