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Silver Palace Sounds

Sailor Senshi Wavs and Midi's

Luna - Serena You Goofball
Luna - Wow Sailor Moon
Melvin - Ah my two favorite ladies, whatcha reading
Sailor Jupiter - Don't worry I'll crash these nega creeps
Sailor Mars - See you around meatball head
Sailor Mercury - You know what you look like? A silly love sick frog thats just waiting for some big old bug to fly in it's mouth
Sailor Moon - He is Tuxedo Mask I don't believe it
Sailor Moon - This guy is majorly dreamy
Sailor Moon - Look what you made me do
Tuxedo Mask - "Hey there Sailor Ladies going my way?" Sailor Moon - "Tuxedo Mask your just in time" Sailor Mars - "You like this guy or what?"

Ai No Senshi
A Maiden Policy
Angel Transformation
Carry On
Don't Tease My Dreams
Fate is so Beautiful
It's a New Day
My Only Love
Only a Memory Away
Outer Scouts Transformation
Rainy Day Man
Sailor Moon Theme
Sailor Startlight Transformation
She's got the power
Tuxedo Night
You are Just My Love